Welcome to Robin Irwin Physical Therapy Services

Robin Irwin Physical Therapy is a private rehabilitation clinic dedicated to providing therapy to children. Located in Decatur, Alabama, we have been in business since 1987 offering physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy (through SPEECHCARE) in a child-friendly setting. We offer outpatient, early intervention (ages 0 - 3 years), and school-based services. Take a look around our new website for information about our services and our staff. You can also request an appointment by clicking the "contact us" button at the bottom of the page.


Physical Therapy

We offer therapy of gross motor skills for a wide range of diagnosis and diseases. This type of therapy includes such activities as learning to walk.

Occupational Therapy

We offer fine motor rehabilitation services for a wide range of diagnosis and diseases. Occupational therapy improves skills such as putting on a shirt or using a pencil.

Speech Therapy

We partner with SPEECHCARE to provide speech therapy services to children. Contact us to set up an appointment today!

School-Based Services

We offer our rehabilitation services in schools across northern and central Alabama.

Early Intervention

Early intervention helps babies and toddlers (ages 0 Р3 years) with developmental delays or disabilities. Contact us to discuss treatment for your child.

Outpatient Services

Our friendly, handicap-accessible clinic is open daily for outpatient appointments. Scroll to the bottom of the page for office hours.

Our Therapists

Click below to request an appointment or to request more information.